NRW Artist Residency, Bonn


12 Jan NRW Artist Residency, Bonn

In September 2015 my collaborator Sung-Im Her and I were invited by NRW Kultursekretariat to be artists in residence at Cocoon Dance as part of “Tanzrecherche Nr17” in Bonn, Germany. Our piece was shown at Theater im Ballsaal in Bonn.

Since the 1960s, more than 20 000 Korean nurses and mine workers moved to Germany to earn money to support their families in South Korea. These ‘Gastarbeiter’ were meant to stay for a short period and planned to return home, but almost half of them decided to stay in Germany. So where are these Koreans now?

The research period was spent in Bonn where we interviewed Korean immigrant workers who moved here more than 40 years ago. The question was if and how they were integrated in German society. Where is home for these people uprooted from their origins?

In a world in which new generations live as global citizens these questions are particularly important. What does home mean? Is it possible to find a new home? And what does it mean to be a stranger?

The personal stories of people we met in Bonn have informed our piece in which dance and live drawn projections meet.

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